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“I facilitate learning using the following scientifically supported practices: (a) scientific teaching, (b) active learning, (c) continuous assessment and spaced practice, (d) inclusive teaching, and (e) positive feedback. My research background has provided me with the creativity, perseverance, and evidence-based mindset that is required for planning effective classes using evidence-based practices. In addition, my soft skills have helped me become a compassionate and understanding leader in the classroom.”

– Flor Breitman, Ph.D.

Maria Florencia Breitman (Flor Breitman), Ph.D. Dr. Flor Breitman is an experienced teacher-scholar dedicated to excellence in research, teaching, service, and mentoring students in learning and research experiences in a variety of settings. Through her nine years of experience teaching in higher education, she has proven to be an asset wherever she goes, and she has garnered internal and online course evaluations consistently averaging 4.8/5.0 over the last 3 years while on the tenure track.

Consulting Services for Faculty and Instructors

In addition to her duties at AUM, Dr. Breitman is providing consulting services for Faculty and Instructors (full-time and undergraduate- or graduate-level) on a wide variety of topics. Consultations are available in workshop, group, and one-on-one formats for those interested in …

  • 1. Pedagogy and Course Design

    • Course design and syllabus design
    • ‘Backwards design’
    • Evidence-based practices for planning effective classes
    • Online course delivery
  • 2. Faculty Mentoring and Peer-Mentoring

    • Effective strategies for faculty interested in coaching and mentoring students
    • Development and facilitation of faculty or student mentoring programs
    • Design and implementation of a peer-mentoring program, using the AUM ‘Flight School’ model funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF; developed through a grant to Drs. Ward, Breitman, Grilliot, and Beziat @ AUM)
  • 3. Teaching Evaluations

    • Confidential, individualized feedback on teaching approaches from an expert, with immediate, encouraging, and formative feedback

Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness

Feedback from Flor’s Student Evaluations:

Flor Breitman with BIOL 1020 students

Below, enjoy comments from students that have taken my classes at AUM (all from the IOTA online system) along the semesters I’ve been here (2021-present). Comments are included from different courses, semesters, years and delivery methods (online; f2f).

BIOL 1020- CRN 1871 (Fall 2021): “Dr.B genuinely cares about her students and the material she teaches. I liked how interactive her class was and appreciated how it wasn’t just sitting and taking notes– something I have not yet seen in a class in AUM before! Helped us not only learn, but have fun doing it.”

BIOL 1020 – CRN 1871 (Fall 2021): “The in class activities keep the information cycling through my head and the information is not just being taught to me but allows me to outwardly explain what i understand which improves my confidence in understanding of the material and if i have misunderstood any of the information this is perfect time for clarification.”

BIOL 1021 -CRN 2193 (Fall 2021): “My professor cares about me as a student and as a person, not just about how my performance looks on paper.”

BIOL 1021 – CRN 1900 (Fall 2022): “Dr. B cares about everyone and their grades. She has helped me all semester because I struggle with Science, so having a professor like her has been amazing!”

BIOL 1027 – CRN 2149 (Fall 2022, honors sec.) “Dr. B is a great professor who genuinely cares for her students (in all three years I have been at AUM she is the best / most personal professor I have met). She absolutely loves what she does and it is evident in her teaching. She also does everything she can for her students to succeed.”

BIOL 3700 – CRN 3028 (Spring 2023): “Measuring the butterfly and mapping the butterflies give me practical and GIS skills that i can apply real life skills.”

BIOL 3932 – CRN 3029 (Spring 2023): “Dr. B really made me feel heard. She always listens and is always there with helpful advice. She really made my last semester better just by listening.”

BIOL 1020-OL1- 30526 (Summer 2023, online): “Dr. B cares about the content and her students. It is readily apparent that she wants you to learn and is there for you. She is incredibly responsive, even during off hours.”

BIOL 1020-OL1- 30526 (Summer 2023, online): “You are an absolutely amazing professor! As a Troy University transient student, this was my first experience with AUM and because of my experience taking your courses, I am adding AUM to my graduate school possibilities.”

BIOL 1020-OL1- 30526 (Summer 2023, online): “Dr. Breitman was extremely helpful and understanding in this class. At the beginning of the semester I missed 2 and 1/2 for military training. She worked with me through out the whole semester and responded to my emails in a timely manner. Her syllabus was easy to follow. Her assignments where a little hard but rewarding. I would recommend Dr. Breitman to any college student who wants to learn, have an understanding professor, and enjoy learning the material.”

Are our consulting services right for you?

  • Are you tired of ‘just lecturing’ (or fellow faculty who do)??
  • Are your student evaluations not where you want them to be?
  • Do you want to design more effective classes and activities for undergraduate or graduate students?
  • Do you want to create a standout and effective peer-mentoring program that strengthens the culture of learning in your department?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of the above questions, then you should request a free 15-minute Intro Consultation today!


If you are interested in consulting services for faculty, instructors, or students, then please contact Dr. Flor Breitman today!